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Free wiccan & spells.. for i am the darkest necromancer.

Blessings my student this is wiccan spells page this is for who just started if you need spells that is older than 19 billion years and the most powerful then u should buy it or join a coven or contact mentor darkwisp

This will unlock your inner aura.

First, close your eyes. Relax and remove all thoughts from your mind. Pretend you're in a room. The room is completely white. There is nothing in the room; no furniture, no decorations, just plain blank white.

On the other side of the room, you notice, is a door. The door is also plain white. Now make yourself head over towards the door. Now, reach out your hand and firmly grasp the doorknob. Feel the cold dry metal under your palm. Even though its in your mind, still pretend that you are actually feeling all of this. Feel like you're experiencing this all yourself in reality.

You should now open the door. There is another room. This one is completely black. You cannot see the walls or the floor or anything. It looks like just an empty space. In the center of the room is a stand. It's bright white contrasting from the rest of the room.

On top of the stand is an orb. That orb is the first color that comes to mind. Keep that color and do not change it unless that color is naturally changing from the beginning, which is highly unlikely. Reach towards that orb. No matter how hard it is to grasp it in your mind, take hold of the orb and hold tight. And remember to stay relaxed during this whole thing. As soon as you can reach the orb and you grab it, open your eyes.

Congratulations. You have successfully taken hold of your aura. You can now control it in more ways than you can fathom. Good luck! (41).png (41).png

Casting Instructions for 'Dragon Charm'

Get your materials. Place the candle in front of you. Place the item in between you and the candle. Light the candle.

Say this only once, "Dragon of light, I call upon you. Turn this (item) into a charm of good luck. Never shall my spells fail." Wave the item in the flame and say, "This ordinary charm is now a good luck charm. So mote it be."

Blow out the candle. If the charm has some black stuff on it, it's ok to wash it. Put on the charm and feel the new energy enter your body.

Casting Instructions for 'Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse Spell'

Meditate while taking a ritual bath. When you drain the water, believe that all the negativity from that day goes with it.

Then go outside a few minutes before the eclipse and find a safe place where you can see the moon clearly.

When the moon is fully eclipsed say:
''I summon the Triple Goddess in all her names, faces, and forms. I summon the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone, and kindly ask thee to grant me a wish. I wish(say wish here, be explicit). I thank you, O Great Triple Goddess. As I will, so mote it be. Blessed be.''

Be careful what you wish for. Thank you.

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