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Casting Instructions for 'Dragon Charm'

Get your materials. Place the candle in front of you. Place the item in between you and the candle. Light the candle.

Say this only once, "Dragon of light, I call upon you. Turn this (item) into a charm of good luck. Never shall my spells fail." Wave the item in the flame and say, "This ordinary charm is now a good luck charm. So mote it be."

Blow out the candle. If the charm has some black stuff on it, it's ok to wash it. Put on the charm and feel the new energy enter your body. (69).png (69).png

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Dis Pater ritual for money


Difficulty: Advanced
Effectiveness: 4/5

Things you need:

How it’s done:

Write these magickal words on the sheet of paper with the green marker, “Dis Pater“.

Place the sheet on top of the wooden board.

Arrange the 8 green candles in a circle around the sheet, then the 8 white ones (always in a circle), and finally make an unbroken further circle around the sheet with the coarse salt.

Light the 8 green candles clockwise starting from the Easternmost one, then the 8 white ones (Also clockwise starting from the East).

Place your hands above the sheet, and without touching it (about 20cm or 7-8” above it) and recite the following magick formula 8 times with your eyes closed;

“Dis Ditis Divitis. Dis Pater. Of you. Father of the subsoil riches. Let me enter your empty homes and vain realms. Dives. Sovereign of Hades. Show me your treasure. Reveal your power. You who command the red dragon and the snake. Bring your Wealth into the life of a poor traveler who has brought together the powers to pay you homage now.”

Then, throw the pomegranate seeds on top of the sheet of paper and extinguish the candles counterclockwise, starting from the last one you lit to the first one you lit, starting with the white ones and then the green ones.

Leave everything on the wooden board and do not touch anything and repeat the ritual for three consecutive nights (ideally during the Crescent Moon phase).

On the third and final night, right after throwing the pomegranate seeds, take the sheet and burn it in the flame of the first green candle you lit, and recite this magick formula.

“Dis Ditis Divitis. Dis Pater. Of you. You announced dawn and I
welcomed it. You folded the firmament and I collected it.
My desire will burn bright tonight. Take it. Honor it.
Make it come true.”

Let the candles burn down and do not touch anything, not even the ashes of the sheet.

The following morning collect all the remnants of the ritual and bury them in a place where no one can find them.

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