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Film Indian Cu Lantul Amintirilor




DVD. Buy. Category:2008 films Category:2000s Hindi-language films Category:Indian films Category:Films directed by Manish JhaMonday, October 25, 2009 we are having a fun fall thanksgiving this year. last week we had our corn mazes and we made our own decorations out of corn. i spent 4 hrs making it. i thought it was going to turn out really great but it came out great! Saturday, October 16, 2009 you know how kids can be and make you crazy. and after dealing with a kid like jordan for a week i was going crazy. well all i can say is that he is growing up and he is so much fun. we spent a week together and it was so fun. jordan got to know his family and he loved it. Monday, October 11, 2009 i can't believe that i have been making this craft for a week. it's so fun and it's pretty easy. i love the way it turned out. so we have the pumpkin pictures in a pumpkin pie casserole dish. it's a fun fall activity. i took a picture of the kids, i didn't think of it until i saw it on flickr. Saturday, October 9, 2009 so i have been looking for a canvas fabric that is easy to dye. i found one online and they are very reasonably priced. i will have a few that i can't get it to work on or that are a little to big. this one came out pretty good. it was tough to get it to cut out but i did. the paint and cutest is up to you. you can make it really pretty. Monday, October 4, 2009 we had some fun with pumpkin carving at dinner. we carved a little pumpkin and then we decided that it would be fun to decorate our pumpkins. i found some fun stuff online. we found the instructions on how to dye and paint your own pumpkin, very easy. if you can carve a pumpkin you can carve it. Saturday, October 2, 2009 we spent the morning and afternoon at the zion bible church craft day. it was so fun. i went to the gallery and i had my own little display. i got a chance to do the first layout of the year. it turned out great. it was easy and fun. i just love the fall and



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Film Indian Cu Lantul Amintirilor