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Free wiccan spells.. for i am the darkest necromancer.

Seeds of Love

You may not be actually planting these seeds in the dirt, but this charm can help love to blossom. Cutesy enough for you? Well, this is a great love spell even if you don't like my plant metaphors. You'll need to get these items together:

• 9 sunflower seeds
• 9 dried beans
• 9 dry kernels of corn
• 9 grains of barley
• 9 dry chamomile buds
• 9 whole cloves
• Rose oil
• Glass bottle with stopper
• Red ribbon


You need to choose a bottle that will hold all the seeds, but won't have too much empty space at the top either. This Wiccan love spell should be performed on the night of the new moon.

Drop each of the seeds into the bottle, one by one. Yes, it's a bit tedious but that's how it's done. As you do so, repeat the following lines:


Seeds and spices, give me power
Time to make my love life flower
As the moon grows in the sky
This charm will make my wishes fly


When the bottle is filled, add 9 drops of rose oil to the top and stopper it up. Don't shake, you need to let the oil work its way down from the top. Tie the red ribbon in a bow around the bottle and place it somewhere quiet where it won't be disturbed. By the full moon, you should see some action in the love department.

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Safe Travel Charm

Not only will this charm bag keep you safe when you are away from home, it will keep you from getting lost. Of course, that doesn't mean you shouldn't bring a map along with you. You need the following items:

• A small piece of red cloth (flannel is best)
• Dirt
• Several large pieces of rock salt
• A small piece of real silver (coin, ring, bead)

Sew the cloth into a little bag, and fill with the other items. Sew the bag shut, and keep it with you when you travel. That's it. You can see how to put this together in our new Youtube video below.

Oh, now I have some additional travel spells, if you want other options.

Lift a Curse Bath Spell

While the concept of "curses" has been thoroughly stereotyped by movies and books, they do exist. Just don't assume that every run of bad luck means that someone has cursed you. Even free Wiccan spells can't fix everything.

• 12 white candles
• 1 black candle
• 1 cup of sea salt
• 1 tbs white sage
• 1 tbs lavender
• 1 tbs chamomile


The amounts don't have to be exact. You're not baking a cake here. Make sure you have white sage, not the green kind in your kitchen.

On the night after the full moon, make a circle of the 12 candles on your altar and place the black one in the center. Run yourself a hot bath, adding the salt and herbs. You can use a little cheesecloth bag for the herbs, if you don't want them floating loose in the water. Go light the candles, then sit by the tub and say the words of the spell:

By the light of moon's wane
Cleanse my soul of this stain
Let the spell be reverse
Lift away this dark curse
As I enter sacred space
Return my soul to grace

Get into the bath, and cup some water in your hands. Pour it over your head 3 times. Repeat the following each time:

I forgive what was done
Let the spell be undone

Then just relax in the tub until the water is cool. Snuff out the candles for the night. For the next couple of nights, relight all the candles and repeat the second part of the spell words. Let the candles burn for at least an hour, and then snuff out again. Do this until the black candle has burned all the way down. By then, you should feel the curse lifted from your life.

Ok, only 2 spells on this page because they are a bit on the long side. You can keep reading to find more free Wiccan spells if you want, as well as more on the Wiccan religion if you are interested. If you are after some free easy love spells, I have a whole section on that too. (41).png (41).png


Wiccan magic is in a league of its own. Not many people are aware of pagan witchcraft. The ones who know about Wicca use it to great effect. Wiccan magic spells work for all goals and desires. Wiccan love spells and money spells are extremely powerful. If you want to learn more about pagan witchcraft for money then read the page carefully.

Wiccan magic spells deliver permanent results that can neither be reversed nor slowed down by anything or anyone. I suggest the use of Wicca to people who seek serious results.

I personally prefer the use of Wicca while casting money spells that work fast for clients.

Visit this page to read more about my free money spells.

Cast the free Wiccan money spell at midnight.

Wear plain white clothes.

Step 1

Make a pentagram with white chalk on the floor.

Keep a coin in the center of the pentagram.

Chant the witchcraft money spell for five minutes.


Observe the coin during chanting the spell.

Pick up the coin and keep it in your safe or locker where you store money and valuables. The coin must be in your safe or locker forever.

Step 2

Keep a small alcohol free perfume bottle in the center of the pentagram.

Chant the Wiccan spell for money again for five minutes while observing the bottle.

Spray perfume from that bottle in all the four corners of your home.

The above step concludes the spellcasting.

It's an extremely powerful money spell that has stood the test of time.

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