Necromancers powers have been gained .

By mystic rituals that is in their veins.

By their powers they reached the highest stars.

That is so rare and by gorm the star that controlls stars they have gazed.

They future they know and there past glowed.

Gods the knew by there hidden names.

Summoning all the way down even in rain.

Favors they got and powers they mastered with chill.

Laughing all the way for no one controlls their magic.

Even their powers that they gained.

Gods from the sea they brought.

From out of our world they thought.

Bringing doom and sorrows.

But if they want they brought happiness and sparows.

by darkwisp.

For i darkwisp have tried to recover the lost necromancers covens and unite it once more,to share the epic and the only real knowledge that will be found here at this site,for this i made chat channels for necromancers and for the coven,also for this u will be able to chat to the world necromancers and share your thoughts.


for Joining the coven and buying the most powerful Membership.

For taking a course in necromancy.

For taking a necromancy course + 5 spells of your choice.